October 3, 2012

Correlation values with the value to predict

Correlation values with the value to predict

This is the list between our value to predict (the number of violent crimes in USA).
Variable Correlation Variable Correlation Variable Correlation
PctIlleg 0.738 PctRecImmig10 0.2643 PersPerOwnOccHous -0.1244
racepctblack 0.6313 PctRecImmig8 0.2532 PctWorkMom -0.1506
pctWPubAsst 0.5747 PersPerRentOccHous 0.2483 pctWFarmSelf -0.1531
FemalePctDiv 0.556 PctImmigRec8 0.2481 PctSameHouse85 -0.1554
TotalPctDiv 0.5528 PctRecImmig5 0.248 AsianPerCap -0.1556
MalePctDivorce 0.5254 PctRecentImmig 0.2308 OwnOccHiQuart -0.1721
PctPopUnderPov 0.5219 PctImmigRec5 0.216 OwnOccMedVal -0.1907
PctUnemployed 0.5042 LandArea 0.1968 whitePerCap -0.2093
PctHousNoPhone 0.4882 PctForeignBorn 0.1944 OwnOccLowQuart -0.2105
PctNotHSGrad 0.4834 PctImmigRecent 0.1719 RentHighQ -0.2323
PctVacantBoarded 0.4828 PctUsePubTrans 0.1538 MedRent -0.2399
PctHousLess3BR 0.4745 agePct12t29 0.1534 RentMedian -0.2405
NumIlleg 0.471 PersPerFam 0.1407 PctSpeakEnglOnly -0.2415
PctPersDenseHous 0.4529 pctWSocSec 0.18 HispPerCap -0.2446
NumUnderPov 0.4476 agePct16t24 0.0993 RentLowQ -0.2518
HousVacant 0.4214 pctUrban 0.082 blackPerCap -0.2754
PctLess9thGrade 0.4111 PctSameCity85 0.0756 pctWWage -0.3055
PctLargHouseFam 0.3835 agePct65up 0.0672 PctBSorMore -0.3147
NumInShelters 0.3758 MedOwnCostPctInc 0.0638 PctHousOccup -0.319
population 0.3672 agePct12t21 0.0605 PctEmploy -0.3316
PctWOFullPlumb 0.3645 MedOwnCostPctIncNoMtg 0.0538 PctOccupMgmtProf -0.3391
numbUrban 0.3629 racePctAsian 0.0376 perCapInc -0.3521
LemasPctOfficDrugUn 0.3486 PctVacMore6Mos 0.0213 MedNumBR -0.3574
NumStreet 0.3403 PctSameState85 -0.0195 medIncome -0.4242
MedRentPctHousInc 0.325 PctWorkMomYoungKids -0.0225 medFamInc -0.4391
MalePctNevMarr 0.3046 householdsize -0.0349 PctHousOwnOcc -0.4707
PctNotSpeakEnglWell 0.3 PersPerOccupHous -0.0397 PctPersOwnOccup -0.5255
PctOccupManu 0.2956 PctEmplManu -0.0449 pctWInvInc -0.5763
PctLargHouseOccup 0.2948 PctEmplProfServ -0.0715 PctTeen2Par -0.6616
NumImmig 0.2942 PctBornSameState -0.0772 PctYoungKids2Par -0.6661
racePctHisp 0.2931 indianPerCap -0.0909 racePctWhite -0.6848
PctImmigRec10 0.2915 pctWRetire -0.0984 PctFam2Par -0.7067
PopDens 0.2814 MedYrHousBuilt -0.11 PctKids2Par -0.7384
So, we can see the most correlated values on this page. PctIlleg (percentage of kids born to never married) and racepctblack ( percentage of population that is african american) are very correlated with our value to estimate. I'm french and in my point of view the race has no interest. For me, it's not the race but the fact that people can live in poor area with more public assistance as the next correlated value named pctWPubAsst.
At the inverse , we cans see the racePctWhite (percentage of population that is caucasian), PctFam2Par (ercentage of families (with kids) that are headed by two parents) and PctKids2Par (percentage of kids in family housing with two parents) completing the fact that a stable family (strangely white by the race) is a decisive information to not have violent crimes on the area.

pctUrban is poorly correlated with our value. The fact of be in an urban area or not is not decisive to estimate our value.
PctSameState85 (percent of people living in the same state as in 1985 (5 years before)) and PctVacMore6Mos  (percent of vacant housing that has been vacant more than 6 months) have not an important effect in our future estimation.

I think that you can continue to verify by yourself this important list of comparison by yourself.

I hope to give the most important facts or summary of these values.

The most important in my first feeling is to say a stable and an unstable family and social area should be an important cause of the number of violent crimes. This is really important, because it proves that a politic based on security purchase or based on non management of the unemployment or social priorities could not have a direct effect on the violent crimes existence. At the inverse , in stabilizing the social family an context with a complex social politic should permit to decrease considerably the violent crimes.

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