December 30, 2012

Four groups: a visual point of view

I follow the study written on the message the groups of my study article

We start with the first screen that colorize my first group explained. This first group describes the most hard and poor people where we found violent crime problems. 
We can see that the value is shared on the entire map. Certain states are more represented as California  New York, Michigan, Delaware and Kansas

Group around the violent criminality 

The fourth group the group of the ideal family , white with two children ,..  This perfect group is shared along the united states of america. More representative states are based on the north . Where the south is more sweet.

The group of the ideal family

 The group of workers. We found this group in all the state with an equal representation.

The group of poor workers

The group of manager is really interesting. because the structure of this group is really important in California , New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts . Idaho is lowest represented as Kentucky , Louisiana, ...

The group of the managers 

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